International shipping cost | Matters needing attention in international trade

May 19 2021

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In order to avoid the loss outside the transaction itself, we must pay attention to the habits and precautions of all countries in the foreign trade.
In African countries, the trade habits among enterprises are generally based on goods purchase, one hand payment, one hand delivery, or credit consignment. Orders are usually small in quantity, many varieties and urgent in need. As African countries carry out pre shipment inspection of import and export commodities, our cost is often increased in actual operation, which delays our delivery time and hinders the normal development of trade.
South Africa
Trading habits: credit cards and cheques are commonly used, and they are used to "consume before payment".
Note: due to the limited national funds and high bank interest rate (about 22%), South African buyers are still used to seeing or installment payment, and generally do not open a letter of credit at sight.
Trading habits: low price and cash difference payment shall be adopted.
Note: Morocco has a high import tariff level and strict foreign exchange management. D/p has a large risk of collecting foreign exchange in the export business of the country. The occurrence of a collusion between Moroccan customers and banks to collect goods first and not to pay is delayed. There are frequent events in which domestic banks or export enterprises have to repeatedly urge payment.
Most European countries are strict in law and have heavy taxes.
Trading habits: when Danish importers do their first business with a foreign exporter, they are generally willing to accept the payment method of L / C for small orders (consignment orders or trial sale orders) at first. After that, vouchers are often used to pay cash and 30-90 days forward payment bills or D / A.
Tariff: Denmark gives MFN treatment or more preferential GSP to goods imported from some developing countries, Eastern European countries and Mediterranean coastal countries. However, in fact, in steel and textile, there are few preferential tariff, and countries with larger textile exporters often adopt the policy of self quota.
Note: the same as the sample, it is very important to pay attention to the delivery date. When a new contract is fulfilled, the foreign exporter should make clear the specific delivery time and fulfill the delivery obligation in time. Any breach of delivery date, resulting in delay in delivery, may be cancelled by Danish importers.
Transaction mode: payment by L / C, generally 90 days on credit, and 120-150 days for large chain stores. Order volume is about 200 to 1000 pieces per time.
Note: the country does not have tariffs on its imported products. Suppliers should shorten production time and pay attention to quality and goodwill.
Eastern Europe
The Eastern European market has its own characteristics. The product requirements are not high-grade, but in order to achieve long-term development, the quality of the goods is not good.
As long as the Russian business is signed, TT direct wire transfer is more common, and it requires timely delivery, and seldom l/c is opened. However, it is not easy to seek a connection, only through exhibitions or in-depth local visits. Russian is the main language in the local language, and English is rarely used, which is difficult to communicate. Generally speaking business negotiations need to find translation assistance.
Middle East
Trading habits: the business through agents indirect transactions, the performance of direct transactions is cold. Compared with Japan, Europe, the United States and other places, the requirements for products are not very high. More attention to color, prefer dark goods. The profit is small and the quantity is not large, but the order is fixed.
Note: domestic businesses should pay special attention to agents, avoid being pressed by other parties in various forms. We should pay more attention to the principle of "one promise and one thousand gold". Once the contract and agreement are signed, they shall perform their duties and do their best, even if they are promised orally. At the same time, we should pay attention to the customer's inquiry, keep a good attitude, and do not pay attention to the mailing fee of several samples or samples.
Trading habits: trading is small and large, but orders are large and profits are low.
Trading habits: l/c spot payment terms are not generally accepted, but l/c forward payment terms can be accepted, and the order quantity is small. Generally, it is required to see sample orders.
Note: delivery time should not be too long. The procurement of the country shall meet its conditions and relevant provisions as far as possible; Secondly, we need to improve the quality and grade of products to make them conform to international standards. The Mexican government stipulates that all electronic products must be imported with the Ministry of industry and Commerce of Mexico for quality standard certificate (NOM), which is to meet UL standards of the United States before import is allowed.
the United Nations
The United Nations has a large amount of purchasing every year, but it has not attracted enough attention from Chinese enterprises.
Note: Chinese enterprises must apply for becoming their suppliers first, then they should actively bid, and strive to enter the short list on the basis of establishing their reputation. The shortlist is a number of outstanding suppliers recognized by the United Nations through long-term contact with suppliers. The UN will not conduct large-scale bidding when it conducts some small procurement, but actively contact suppliers in the short list and make a deal on the board immediately.
Usually, the top ten enterprises of a certain product can enter the short list. It is equivalent to entering the final directly in the competition, which is very beneficial to the winning of the bid. Of course, it depends on the quality of the enterprise itself and the quality of its products.
It is worth noting that the Chinese enterprises must have an answer to the UN letter, whether bidding or not. The UN has ruled that suppliers are disqualified without three replies. Therefore, if the address, telephone, fax or email of the enterprise changes, the United Nations should be informed in time.
The United Nations procurement is different from general business transactions, which attaches great importance to openness, transparency, equality and integrity and never pays off prices. Therefore, the firm must quote the real price, namely the final price. To do business with the United Nations, it is necessary to be honest and material, not to make money from one-off profits, but to gain profits through the establishment of credibility and long-term procurement relations.



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